The World Famous Formula

If ever we need an example of a “product, which is greater than the sum of its parts” –

Swedish Bitters clearly qualifies. If “synergy” has any meaning, Swedish Bitters is a shining example.

This is no “patented” product or process – which is doubtless why the huge medical companies of the world have decided to quietly ignore” the bitters”. This is one of the great open secrets available to mankind. The ingredients – just as Maria Treben and her legendary predecessors specify – are there for all to examine. Feel free to prepare the recipe in your own kitchen if you are so inclined!

But the reality is – the proper proportioning, compounding and processing of these essentially well-known herbs – results in an extract that greatly exceeds the potency and efficacy of any of the individual herbs. And should you wish to mix your own brew, here they are – from A to Z:


– * Small Swedish Bitters * –

  • 10 gm. Aloe*
  • 5 gm. Myrrh
  • 2 gm. Saffron
  • 10 gm. Senna leaves
  • 10 gm. Camphor**
  • 10 gm. Rhubarb roots
  • 10 gm. Manna
  • 10 gm. Theriacvenezian
  • 5 gm. Carline Thistle roots
  • 10 gm. Angelica roots
  • 10 gm. Zedoary roots

THIS RECIPE was found among the writings of the well-known Swedish physician, rector of medicine, Dr. Samst. He died in his 104th year in a riding accident. His parents and grandparents all reached a patriarchal age.

This mixture is put into a wide-necked 2 liter bottle and 1.5 liter of 38% to 40% rye or fruit spirit are poured over it. The bottle is left standing in the sun or near the stove for 14 days and shaken daily. The liquid is then strained and poured into small bottles, well stoppered and stored in cool place. This way it can be kept for many years. The longer it stands the more effective it becomes! Shake well before use! Alternatively some of the liquid can be strained into a small bottle and the rest left in the bottle until required.

* Instead of Aloe, Genetial root or Wormwood powder may be used.

* * Only natural Camphor should be used.

For centuries, Swedish Bitter was processed by steeping the herbs in alcohol.

Today, thanks to new methods, the same vital extract can be decocted without residual alcohol – a welcome innovation for many.

Swedish Bitters “with alcohol” (up to 38% by volume) – and “alcohol free” bitters – are readily available. Either is equally effective and beneficial. The alcohol-based bitters, of course, warrant particular consideration by pregnant women, children, and persons with severe liver conditions, high blood pressure – as well as people who shun alcohol by choice or conviction.