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Authentic accounts from Maria Treben’s masterwork:  “Health Through God’s Pharmacy

“Elixir Ad LongamVitam” – Elixir for a Long Life


Your Journey to Health Starts with Swedish Bitters!

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In the words of Maria Treben…

At a time when the majority of mankind has moved away fromlift’s natural ways, when illness, caused by a changed attitude tolife threatens, we turn again to medicinal herbs, which God inHis Greatness has provided for us since time immemorial

About Swedish Bitters

“Swedish Bitters” has had a couple of “fathers” – but only one “mother.” Austrian Herbalist Maria Treben has done more than any other human being to acquaint millions with the importance of these bitters in so many totally unexpected ways.

The series of amazing personal experiences with Swedish Bitters that makes up a large part of this book has been excerpted from her famous book, “Health Through God’s Pharmacy.”This author has endeavored to provide a contemporary perspective on theincreasing use this ancient remedy in the 21st Century.

This remarkable 11-Herb Formula has more than withstood the test of time.

In fact, Swedish Bitters takes on an even more important role in “our” time –given the disturbing trend away from simpler dietary practices that now have us eatingfoods that sacrifice sheer nutrition in exchange for more “pleasant” tasting products thatpurport to be “good” food.

Chapter 1: A Product for all Centuries

When we’re enjoying optimal health, it’s hard for anything to really rattle our spirit.

Most of us are endowed with enough physical and emotional reserve to deal with any difficulty. Yet in today’s world of high-energy demand and ever more poorly nourishing foods, sustaining optimal health can be costly, time-consuming and very confusing.

Fortunately, Swedish Bitters is one of those rare herbal recipes that can provide relief for almost any health challenge. A broad statement, you say? Indeed it is. But in a world brimming over with “new and improved” products to deal with any ailment you can name – this one – Swedish Bitters – has withstood the test of time. And we do mean several hundred years!

Americans might say Swedish Bitters is the “Old Man River” of natural curatives. It just keeps rolling along – gathering more believers and dedicated users with each

passing year. But, interestingly, Americans are the “Johnnies-come-lately” in discovering and taking advantage of the fascinating benefits of Swedish Bitters.

This elixir is based on a precise recipe of 11 important herbs first formulated by an eminent 16th Century Swiss physician, Philippus Paracelsus, who was known for sharply attacking the foundation of ancient medicines. His formula was “rediscovered” in the mid-1800’s and earned its name of “Swedish Bitters” through the efforts of Dr. Claus Samst in Sweden. Perhaps there is no better testament to the efficacy of the formula than the fact that Dr. Samst lived to be 104 – with his death resulting from a riding accident!

Swedish Bitters enjoys its wide acceptance today thanks to the efforts of a single remarkable Austrian woman, Maria Treben. Inspired by her profound personal experiences and successes with “the bitters,” Maria Treben in the past 50 years has documented the enormous range of uses of Swedish Bitters – taken internally and applied externally.

In her masterwork, “Health Through God’s Pharmacy,” the renowned herbalist has brought this unique multi-purpose health supplement into the lives of tens of millions of people – principally in Europe and Scandinavia — but now throughout the world. Sales of her book have reached almost 9 million copies – and it remains available in every bookstore.

Much of this publication deals with a cross-section of Maria Treben’s findings – of detailed case histories of people who have found relief – and by their terms, “cures” – for a spectrum of ailments, aches, injuries, first aid, requirements, internal problems, external skin conditions and many more. Reading them is certain to surprise and enlighten you. Swedish Bitters indeed a product for all seasons – and all centuries — to come!

Swedish Bitters indeed a product for all seasons – and all centuries — to come!

As Abbe Kneipp (a renowned herbalist) says: “There is a plant for every illness!”

Chapter 2: About Maria Treben & “Elixir Ad LongamVitam”

Commencing in the 1950’s, a young Austrian woman had no conceivable awareness that she would in time become almost singularly responsible for creating worldwide acceptance of a strange tonic called Swedish Bitters.

Stricken with typhoid fever, complicated by other painful ailments contracted as a World War II refugee, Maria Treben’s plight is detailed later in this book. The “medicine” given to her was accompanied by a transcript of an “Old Manuscript” which explained in 45 points how the drops of this tonic would heal virtually all illnesses. Maria Treben’s personal experience and success with the “strange brown liquid” was so life-changing, she devoted herself totally to studying and informing others of her newfound knowledge.

The “Old Manuscript” which contained the formula and instructions given to Maria Treben was titled, “Elixir Ad LongamVitam”- Elixir for a Long Life.

Detailed “testimonials” from bitters users that she has compiled over the years for her book make fascinating and often stark reading. The endless number of aches and pains, injuries and diseases for which Swedish Bitters provides relief and improvement – if not an outright “cure” – is eye-opening and mind-expanding. The result is that Maria Treben has accomplished vastly more in 50-plus years in bringing Swedish Bitters to the world than her distinguished predecessors could ever have hoped to achieve.

In the most general of terms, when taken internally Swedish Bitters does a remarkable job of healing and cleansing the digestive system. It assures maximum assimilation of all the nourishing things you eat – and helps cope with the elimination of the less desirable elements you ingest. Bitters help to soothe the nervous system, your blood, muscles and organs. When you feel better, you think smarter and are ready to engage in constructive activities.

To maintain optimum health – take a teaspoon of Swedish Bitters in tea or water 2-4 times a day. These practices will ward-off health problems and ailments before they start.

Dosages for specific problems are discussed throughout this book. Among the more fascinating are various external applications using compresses to deal with injuries, skin conditions and various pains.

While it can’t claim to be a “cure-all” – Swedish Bitters Herbs is a surprisingly effective “runner-up” – given its awesome range of curative applications!

Consider that this tonic:

  • has demonstrated remarkable healing properties in the stomach and digestive system
  • works to purify the blood
  • energizes, yet soothes
  • cleanses the system by improving regularly
  • is a digestive aid that really works
  • helps to regulate the central nervous system
  • truly improves vitality – makes you feel good
  • reinforces your immune system to do its job of throwing off invaders
  • aids the liver and gall-bladder in their constant battle with dangerous toxins

Chapter 3: The World Famous Formula

If ever we need an example of a “product, which is greater than the sum of its parts” –

Swedish Bitters clearly qualifies. If “synergy” has any meaning, Swedish Bitters is a shining example.

This is no “patented” product or process – which is doubtless why the huge medical companies of the world have decided to quietly ignore” the bitters”. This is one of the great open secrets available to mankind. The ingredients – just as Maria Treben and her legendary predecessors specify – are there for all to examine. Feel free to prepare the recipe in your own kitchen if you are so inclined!

But the reality is – the proper proportioning, compounding and processing of these essentially well-known herbs – results in an extract that greatly exceeds the potency and efficacy of any of the individual herbs. And should you wish to mix your own brew, here they are – from A to Z:


– * Small Swedish Bitters * –

  • 10 gm. Aloe*
  • 5 gm. Myrrh
  • 2 gm. Saffron
  • 10 gm. Senna leaves
  • 10 gm. Camphor**
  • 10 gm. Rhubarb roots
  • 10 gm. Manna
  • 10 gm. Theriacvenezian
  • 5 gm. Carline Thistle roots
  • 10 gm. Angelica roots
  • 10 gm. Zedoary roots

THIS RECIPE was found among the writings of the well-known Swedish physician, rector of medicine, Dr. Samst. He died in his 104th year in a riding accident. His parents and grandparents all reached a patriarchal age.

This mixture is put into a wide-necked 2 liter bottle and 1.5 liter of 38% to 40% rye or fruit spirit are poured over it. The bottle is left standing in the sun or near the stove for 14 days and shaken daily. The liquid is then strained and poured into small bottles, well stoppered and stored in cool place. This way it can be kept for many years. The longer it stands the more effective it becomes! Shake well before use! Alternatively some of the liquid can be strained into a small bottle and the rest left in the bottle until required.

* Instead of Aloe, Genetial root or Wormwood powder may be used.

* * Only natural Camphor should be used.

For centuries, Swedish Bitter was processed by steeping the herbs in alcohol.

Today, thanks to new methods, the same vital extract can be decocted without residual alcohol – a welcome innovation for many.

Swedish Bitters “with alcohol” (up to 38% by volume) – and “alcohol free” bitters – are readily available. Either is equally effective and beneficial. The alcohol-based bitters, of course, warrant particular consideration by pregnant women, children, and persons with severe liver conditions, high blood pressure – as well as people who shun alcohol by choice or conviction.

Chapter 4: It’s a Matter of Taste!

Given its place of origin and legendary background, it’s perhaps not surprising that Europeans make up the largest body of bitters enthusiasts who now number in the millions of daily users.

At the same time, it is equally surprising that most Americans are just beginning to learn about Swedish Bitters. And regrettably, too many of them seem to be “put-off” by their initial whiff of the contents – or upon bravely tasting a bit on a teaspoon. To come to a negative decision of this importance on such flimsy grounds is truly their loss. Yes, for most individuals, learning to enjoy Swedish Bitters – either “straight” or highly diluted in water or tea – is an acquired taste. But so then is acquiring a taste for Indian cuisine, or Szechwan and even Mexican food, or developing one’s palate to appreciate rare cheeses or Italian anise-based liqueurs. True connoisseurs of all foods and beverages develop their appreciation for new and unfamiliar tastes and flavors – well aware that however strange upon initial trial, such foods and beverages are held in high regard by other sophisticated cultures around the world.

Acquiring a taste for bitters is usually accomplished in short order.

Yes, for most individuals, learning to learning to enjoy Swedish Bitters – either “straight” or highly diluted in water or tea – is an acquired taste. But so then is acquiring a taste for Indian cuisine, or Szechwan and even Mexican food, or developing one’s palate to appreciate rare cheeses or Italian anise-based liqueurs. True connoisseurs of all foods and beverages develop their appreciation for new and unfamiliar tastes and flavors – well aware that however strange upon initial trial, such foods and beverages are held in high regard by other sophisticated cultures around the world.

Acquiring a taste for bitters is usually accomplished in short order. Many users describe it as tasting similar to various salad greens we eat without hesitation. But one would have to eat a bushel of greens at a single sitting to derive the concentrated benefits found in a day’s intake of Swedish Bitters!

Skeptics predictably urge processors to put out a “sweetened” version of Swedish

Bitters. To do that would quite possibly disturb the subtle interaction of the herbs in the mix – and most certainly would be trifling with a proven product that continues to help an ever expanding number of faithful customers after almost 500 years! Taste itself does not become a factor at all for users who merely add Swedish Bitters to their daily cups of tea. And, yes, there are those people who take their bitters “straight.”

Those individuals say they taste its power immediately. Swedish Bitters is strong, yet its centuries old formula of prized, traditional herbs is naturally safe and gentle to your system.

So acquiring a “taste” for Swedish Bitters is a very minor concession to make – given the extraordinary array of benefits this elixir can bring to you – and your family.

Chapter 5: The Rewarding Benefits of Bitters

Thanks to the synergistic effect of its very special herbs, Swedish Bitters has the remarkable ability to adapt to the unique demands of your body’s specific needs. Rather than applying one or two herbs to a specific ailment, this bitters formula takes herbal treatment to an entirely new level.

Many people report such benefits as an uplifted sense of energy and vitality. Others claim Swedish Bitters soothes and relaxes them. It calms overactive systems and stimulates sluggish ones. In addition, bitters has long been highly regarded as a gentle laxative – as a tonic that restores the natural acid balance to the stomach – a blood cleanser – a detoxifier for the liver and other organs – and an excellent digestive and restorative.

Swedish Bitters’ impact on the liver and gall-bladder tells you a great deal about this product. The liver, of course, is the keeper of the metabolic balance within the body. Its job is to produce fluids required for proper and complete digestion, as well as to rid your system of dangerous toxins. Even if you eat a good natural diet, artificial ingredients and chemical residues can find their way into your system. So it is important to cleanse your body of these unwanted substances on a consistent basis.

Similarly, bitters helps you digest heavy and fatty foods – contributing importantly to providing new energy — making you feel more alive and vital than you think possible – regardless of age!

And an entirely new dimension of healthcare comes into play when applying Swedish Bitters directly to the skin in the form of external compresses. The reports of compresses saturated with Swedish Bitters in alleviating and speeding the cure of a wide range of internal aches, pains and reducing inflammations – as well as using it as a balm for a broad assortment of scars, rashes, insect bites and other skin conditions – are nothing short of remarkable. You’ll read many convincing testimonials about Swedish Bitters’ effectiveness when used in this manner in the pages that follow – including Maria Treben’s personal experiences.

It is important to know that Swedish Bitters can be used by everyone from teenagers to grandparents. A teaspoon in tea or water taken 2-4 times each day will cleanse the system. And you have the satisfaction knowing it is safe and free from side effects.

Chapter 6: As “Natural” as it gets!!

If you have read this far, it’s pretty clear that you have at least a curiosity about – an active interest in — or a deep belief and commitment to consuming foods and health supplements that are totally natural in origin. And if that degree of interest – or outright commitment – has not yet induced you to use of Swedish Bitters, you are presumably tiptoeing around one of the foundation stones of the entire natural “movement.”

In a sense, the Swedish Bitters formula is one of Nature’s most rewarding bounties. Yes, human hands (and brains) have entered into it – by first compounding and then learning over hundreds of years that the interaction of these herbs proves to be vastly more effective than any of the constituents can hope to achieve on an individual basis.

The range of uses of the bitters formula – from its ideal use as a superb “good health” tonic — to its applications to the cross-section of illnesses, afflictions and simple health problems that make-up the remainder of this book – is truly awesome. There is nothing in the world of “health supplements” that can quite compare. And you will want to bear in mind that each of the testimonies that follow bears the stamp of credibility of Maria Treben herself.

If by chance you have never heard of Swedish Bitters until now – or more likely have managed to ignore it most likely on the grounds of “taste” – one can only most politely say, “Get over it!”

You simply owe it to yourself – and to your loved ones – to “stay well” – by drawing on the strength and powers of Swedish Bitters.” It is one of those rare herbal recipes that stand head and shoulders above today’s hundreds of products that, at best, aspire to treat merely one or two human ailments. So do yourself a very big favor!

Chapter 7: Case Histories from Maria Treben’s “Health Through God’s Pharmacy”


It sounds almost like a fairy story, but it is true. As a refugee from a German speaking area of Czechoslovakia, I became ill with TYPHOID FEVER in a camp in Bavaria, caused by contaminated meat and, through it, came JAUNDICE AND AN OBSTRUCTION IN THE INTESTINES. I spent more than 6 months in a hospital and when my husband got my mother, my mother-in-law, our child and myself to Austria, I was a young but sick woman. At night I was hit by terrible pain that shot through my body like a sword. In these moments I could neither sit nor stand, walk nor lie down; at the same time I VOMITED and had DIARRHEA. I was a helpless bundle of misery. These were AFTERPAINS OF THE TYPHOID fever which sometimes can go on for years, as the doctor said. One day a woman brought me a small bottle containing a dark brown, strong smelling liquid. She had heard of my illness and wanted to help. The Swedish Bitters had relieved her of a serious complaint. Accompanying the small bottle,

she gave me, was a transcript of an “OLD MANUSCRIPT” in which was explained, in 46 points, how these drops heal every illness. The recipe came from the writings of a well-known Swedish physician. As I stated, all members of his family had reached an unusual old age. These drops, according to the 43 heal “plague boils and swellings, even if already in the throat”. I put the bottle in the medicine chest. I just did not believe that these modest drops could give me back my health; since the doctor could not even help me. Soon I changed my mind. As I sat in front of a large basket of over ripe pears, which needed to be used up straight away, I had another attack. As I had been told that these Swedish drops could be used extremely as well, I did not hesitate for long and applied them as a compress on the abdomen, put a small plastic bag over the compress and then my girdle and continued my work. A wonderful feeling spread through my body and, suddenly, it felt as if with one movement of the hand, everything morbid in my body was pulled out. I assure you that with this single compress, which I had on the whole day, all of the preceding months disappeared, never to return.


When my son was 6 years old, he was attached by an Alsatian and terrible mauled in the face. Later dark red scars covered his face from the nose upward. In the “old manuscript” point 33 state that this tincture takes away all SCARS, WOUNDS AND CUTS, even if very old, if moistened up to 40 times. Therefore, our son’s scars were now moistened daily. Very soon they disappeared, even the ones deep in the nose.


With these experiences, I came to our town in 1953. During a visit to a farmhouse, I met the farmer’s wife, a mother of 2 small children, milking cows. Instead of a word of greeting she said; “if you stood me against the well I would let you shoot me.” For weeks she had suffered from terrible HEADACHES and she was supposed to go for X-rays. The same evening I sent my son with a small bottle of Swedish Bitters to her, so that she might find relief, at least at night. How surprised I was when, at 7 o’clock in the morning, the farmer came to me saying: “What did you send my wife? Within a short time after applying it to the head, the headaches had gone. And in the morning 2 dark brown clots of the thickness of a little finger came down her throat.” This woman swears by Swedish Bitters even today and was able to help her little daughter who suffered from PNEUMONIA years ago. Never is she without household remedy.


For months, a woman suffered from FRONTAL SINUSITIS. She could not breathe through her nose and was plagued by terrible headaches. Despite antibiotics and radiation treatment her condition did not improve. Then she applied Swedish Bitters as a compress over the forehead, eyes and nose and already after the first use she felt relief. 3 nightly treatments later, large amounts of push came through her nose and she was able to breathe normally again.


From sight I knew a young woman who after the birth of her sixth child became a shadow of herself. I spoke to her and learned that at this time she WAS UNABLE TO EAT ANYTHING and was also unable to keep the children with her. I recommended Swedish Bitters to her. About 3 weeks later I saw her as a healthy young woman who was able to eat normally and had the children with her again.


A mother had been in the hospital with a swollen foot and for a long time had only been able to walk with a stick. Despite 75 injections there was no improvement. Therefore this young woman sent the recipe of the Swedish Bitters to her mother, advising her to try them. Now her mother’s foot is back to normal and the stick unnecessary.


One day, I received a letter from Germany in which an acquaintance asked me to look after her niece who was taking a cure in Gallspach. When the young woman came to see me for the first time, I got a shock. She was lifted out of the car, crutches were put under her arms and it took her, despite help, more than an hour to come up into my flat on the first floor. The joints of both feet were deformed, the fingers crippled and unable to hold anything. When walking, the BODY THROWN forward and the legs pulled after. I stood at the door, my hands pressed against my heart, unable to say anything except: “How does a young woman like you have such a terrible illness?” “Overnight after my fourth child”, she replied. Quite suddenly, almost overnight, this young woman lay crippled in her bed. She was taken from doctor to doctor, nobody could help her. Twice a year she came to Gallspach to Dr. Zeileis who had to tell her he could not cure her, only ease the trouble. I recommended Swedish Bitters and told her to put her faith in it. This was in February, 1964. In September I received a telephone call from the young woman, asking if I could meet her at the bus stop. I was baffled, then surprised, when a smiling young woman, still leaning on a stick, descended the bus. The STIFFNESS AND CRIPPLING OF THE HANDS was gone, as well as the DEFORMATION OF THE LEGS. Only on the left foot, the knee and ankle were still swollen. But on the third of August, 1965, a year later, this too had disappeared completely and she came without a stick, a healthy woman to take the cure for the last time. She had put 1 tablespoon of Swedish Bitters 3 times daily into a small amount of lukewarm water and sipped it before and after each meal.


I would like to give a few more examples of the wonderful effect of Swedish Bitters. From my sister who lives in Germany, I learned that a mutual acquaintance from Leipzig had been confined to a wheelchair for 15 years. She had spent the war years in Prague and in 1945 – as was the fate of many – had to stay for weeks in a cellar without straw or any other bedding. Later she came to Leipzig with her husband. Soon she suffered from terrible DEFORMATION OF THE JOINTS and then came the life in a wheelchair. I only learned of her difficult fate when her husband suddenly died and the poor CRIPPLED WOMAN had to leave the flat and move into a furnished room. The sending of herbs and medications from Austria to East Germany is not allowed, therefore, I had to send her the herb mixture from a border town in Bavaria every second month. Soon (received encouraging letters. She took 1 tablespoon of Swedish Bitters in a small amount of water and drank half of it before and half of it after a meal. She did this 3 times a day. Slowly the deformations receded and she was able to move her joints slightly. We prayed she is Leipzig, we in Austria. After 9 months, this woman who had been tied to a wheelchair for 15 years could leave her flat for the first time. Slowly she improved and was soon able to do her daily work which helpful people had so far done for her.


In the summer we often went swimming in a lake. One day, the large piece of wood that was used to sit on was leaning against a fence. I had my bag next to it and was bending over to gather up some things, when all of a sudden I felt this terrific blow on my leg. The large piece of timber had fallen over and struck me right on the leg. In no time, from the knee downward, it was dark blue to purple and two large swellings, about the size of a fist, appeared. I was carried to the car and then up to my room. My husband wanted to send for the doctor, but I asked him to apply Swedish Bitters as a compress on my leg. Half an hour later I was able to walk down the stairs to the dining room without help. The next day my leg was smooth, there were no more swellings and the DISCOLORATION had cleared up as well.


Another accident happened near this lake. A 4 year old girl was stung by a HORNET and her arm swelled up. I fetched Swedish Bitters and before the parents had clothed the girl I was ready with the compress and applied it while the girl was carried to the car. On arrival at the about 3 minutes later, the SWELLING had subsided and the doctor was no longer necessary.


While gathering raspberries, I was stung by a POISONOUS INSECT in the thumb. Overnight the thumb swelled up and while shopping a woman said to me: “You had better go directly to a hospital, such an infection could cause your death.” Overnight I applied Swedish Bitters as a compress and the next day my thumb was back to normal size.


One time I had an accident in the laundry. It was at the time when washing machines washed but did not rinse. The heavily entangled pieces had to be lifted out of the very hot water with wooden tongs I tend to do everything quickly and with great energy. The tongs slipped and hit me in the eye. Stunned with pain and half blind I walked upstairs. As soon as I had applied Swedish Bitters   the pain eased. A little while later, 1 looked into the mirror and saw myself with a BLACK EYE. I was back in the laundry a quarter of an hour later with a piece of cotton wool moistened with Swedish Bitters covering the eye, a small piece of plastic over it and the whole lot tied up with a folded scarf. For a few days I kept applying these compresses overnight, thence there was no chance of anything developing behind the eye.


As I do every year, I was taking a cure in Kneipp Spa in Muhllachken when the head nurse came into my room with a woman doubled up with pain. She suffered from GALLBLADDER ATTACKS and the doctor had advised her to have an operation. I applied Swedish Bitters as a compress on the area of the gall bladder (first Calendula ointment or lard has to be applied, otherwise the alcohol would dry out the skin, then a piece of cotton wool is moistened with Swedish Bitters, applied to the PAINFUL AREA, a piece of dry cotton wool and a piece of plastic are put over it to keep it warm. Everything is now bandaged with a piece of cloth). I was just about to pull up her girdle when she sat up with a cry: “The pain is gone!” She continued to apply the compresses and she took the Swedish Bitters as drops, internally, 3 times a day, one teaspoonful in a little water or tea and the attacks never reoccurred.


For years I looked after a woman who was all alone. Communication with her was somewhat difficult, since she was HARD OF HEARING. In the “old manuscript” it says: “THEY BRING BACK LOST HEARING.” Therefore she had to moisten the acoustic duct frequently with Swedish Bitters. The index finger, moistened with Swedish Bitters, is put into the ear. Do not forget to put a drop of oil into the ear from time to time, to avoid itching. At the same time this woman moistened her temples, her forehead and the area around the eyes. Now we can communicate normally and her face has a much fresher look. One day, as she was getting out of the bus, a car knocked her down and she fell on her face. Again Swedish Bitters helped her blue-red face to get back its normal color. On February 1st, she celebrated her 89th birthday. How often have people who come to my talks told me that they are able to hear again and have packed away their hearing aids thanks to Swedish Bitters.


These drops relieve pain internally or externally, anywhere in the body, because the blood supply to the affected area is increased.Therefore it is appropriate to apply Swedish Bitters as a compress to the back of the head of people who suffer from EPILEPTIC FITS. The cause of these attacks lies often back in the past; maybe a fall on the head or a shock in childhood.

During a talk I gave, a man came up to me and told me that he received a double fracture at the base of the skull in a very bad car accident. After this had healed he started to get a few EPILEPTIC FITS a day. I recommended Swedish Bitters applied as a compress to the back of the head, and 4 cups of Stinging Nettle tea, to which 2 tablespoons of Swedish Bitters were added, daily. Stinging Nettle tea is necessary for severe epileptic fits. Several months later he passed by my house to tell me that the fits had stopped.


MENINGITIS, HEAD INJURIES caused by a FALL OR A BLOW, STUTTERING AND SPEECH DISORDERS are treated effectively with Swedish Bitters applied as a compress to the back of the head. These compresses are also beneficial for BURSITIS. I have to emphasize again that for all severe illnesses see a doctor first!


From the many letters I have received I have learned that Swedish Bitters applied as a compress to the eyes has been effective in cases of a DETACHED RETINA AND PORUS RETINA. All these people were going blind. These compresses are applied to the closed eye and left on for an hour. HEALTHY eyes, especially if TRAINED, can profit too, if Swedish Bitters is brushed with the index finger along the lid to the corner of the eye. This way good EYE SIGHT can be enjoyed well into old age. Since Swedish Bitters is such a wonderful remedy, no medicine chest in the house should be without it. Poured into small bottles it can be taken along on trips. Often, away from home, the food is disappointing and the need arises to STIMULATE DIGESTION and to shake off WEARINESS AND TIREDNESS. In these cases Swedish Bitters is a true “elixir”. A sip, watered down, is taken internally and, externally, some drops are brushed on temples, forehead, eyes and the area behind the ears. In no time the beneficial effect is felt.


For a COLD, with all its accompanying symptoms such as weariness, tiredness,pressure in the head and heaviness in the stomach, a cotton ball is moistened withSwedish Bitters and held under the nose, while breathing deeply. Immediately the head feels lighter. If a COLD has already affected the BRONCHIAL tubes, the moistened cotton ball is held in front of the open mouth and breathing is done with the mouth. Here, too, relief will be felt. During times of influenza, 1 teaspoon, sometimes 1 tablespoon, diluted with a little water, is taken daily. In this way one is protected from influenza. Wherever there is PAIN, Swedish Bitters is always beneficial, taken internally as drops, applied as a compressor used as a rub or a massage.


Several years ago I suffered from RENAL COLIC. The doctor came in the middle of his surgery hours. In the meantime I had applied Swedish Bitters as a compress on the kidney region and when the doctor arrived the pain had subsided. I was quite shamefaced because I had wasted his valuable time. He wanted to know why the pain had subsided so quickly. When he heard that I had applied a compress, he said: “Excellent, I do not have to give you an injection!” Swedish Bitters had his approval. Whenever I came to his surgery he would say: “I WILL NOT PRESCRIBE YOU ANYTHING, YOU HAVE SWEDISH BITTERS.” It was he who had brought me closer to herbs.


An elderly lady came to see me. For years she could only walk with a stick, since ARTHRITIS had crippled her; nothing helped and she could not take it any longer. 1 teaspoon of Swedish Bitters in Stinging Nettle tea and Horsetail tea, taken 3 times a day made a difference and 3 weeks later I heard she was able to walk without a stick.


A member of our small church choir INJURED HER KNEE while ice skating. Since it was a small choir, she was missed badly. After church I met her in town. It was impossible for her to mount the steep staircase up to the choir. A few moments later I was at her place with the things required for a compress. As a doctor’s wife she looked skeptically at my doings. This changed when she was able to bend her knee a few minutes later and the next day she was able to mount the staircase. But unfortunately another member was missing, due to a SPRAINED ANKLE acquired while enjoying our so healthy winter sport. We knew that she was already at the casualty ward. Now the lady who only the day before had a STIFF KNEE asked me to go and put the compress on the sprained ankle. I was reluctant to do it, because the woman had been treated at the hospital, but thinking I might find myself singing alone I changed my mind. I found her lying on the couch with a very swollen, painful ANKLE. In the hospital she was told just to keep her foot raised. Swedish Bitters applied as a compress brought her immediately some relief. The next day she came to the choir, although the roads were icy. She was without pain and her ankle was normal.


One day in a restaurant I saw a man who was obviously in pain. I got out my Swedish Bitters and gave him a tablespoonful in a little lukewarm water. Color came back to his face and he could not believe it when the pain subsided. 6 months later I came back to the same place. I had already forgotten the incident, when a gentleman came up and thanked me profusely. He looked years younger. With the help of Swedish Bitters he had lost all complaints which ACUTE ASTRITIS AND DISORDER OF THE PANCREAS had caused him. Since Swedish Bitters clears up disorders of the pancreas, they are beneficial for DIABETES. WARTS, LIVER SPOTS, CORNS, MOLES, HEMORRHOIDS, and EVEN BIRTHMARKS AND SEBORRHEA will disappear, if they are moistened repeatedly with Swedish Bitters. A piece of cotton wool moistened with Swedish Bitters, put in the ear, will clear up BUZZING AND RINGING. If the base of the scalp is moistened, it will STRENGTHEN THE MEMORY. Swedish Bitters cleanses the BLOOD, IMPROVES CIRCULATION, DISPELS FLATULENCE, HEADACHES, INDIGESTION, STOMACH, GALLBLADDER, LIVER, AND KIDNEY DISORDERS (even if alcohol is not allowed). For PHLEBITIS AND THROMBOSIS, Calendula ointment is smeared thickly on the affected areas and then Swedish Bitters, as a compress, is applied. When healed, Stinging Nettle foot baths ate taken to improve the circulation. These drops stimulate a SLUGGISH INTESTINE and dispel DIZZINESS AND LAMENESS. For all illnesses that are most beneficial, even for CANCER. For acute attacks of pain, 1 tablespoon is taken in a little water or tea. If 1 teaspoonful in a little water is taken 3 times daily, morning, noon and evening, good health is kept till old age. Swedish Bitters awakens vitality and strengthens the life force so needed in our time. Preserve through them your health, strength and joy for your family, work and fellowman.


During a visit at a farm I heard that the 12 year old son was to have an operation.

PUS had formed behind the ear drum, due to an inflammation. I was against the operation, since sometimes, in similar cases, deafness occurs. A small piece of cotton wool moistened with Swedish Bitters was put in the boy’s ear. A lot of pus was discharged daily, the pain subsided and an operation was not necessary.


For INTESTINAL CANCER – it was a young mother of five and the doctor had given her only a few more days recommended compresses applied to the area of the intestines, at the same time Calamus roots which are steeped in cold water overnight (1 level teaspoon per cup of water); 1 sip before and after each meal, a tea made from equal proportions of Stinging Nettle, Candula and Yarrow. At least 2 liters of this tea have to be sipped throughout the day. Today this woman is so much better that there is hope of a complete recovery.


A woman from Heilbronn, West Germany wrote: “About 10 months ago, my 41 year old nephew who lives in Sacramento, California, wrote in his letter that he suffers from BLEEDING OF THE COLON daily and the medical diagnosis is without doubt CANCER OF THE COLON. A side opening would be necessary. I sent him your book “Health through God’s Pharmacy”, Swedish Bitters, Calamus roots, Calendula, Yarrow and Stinging Nettle. He followed the instructions in your book. Today my nephew is able to work again. After taking the mentioned herbs for 4 days the bleeding stopped. Tiredness and loss of weight were arrested slowly.”


A 52 year old man treated for 10 years for CARDIAC ASTHMA, had to take 8 tablets daily. For years he could only sleep sitting up and, for every step he took, he had to throw up his arms to get some air. I was of the opinion that this was caused not by the heart, but the liver. I applied Swedish Bitters as a compress to the area of the liver. He had to drink 1 cup of Common Club Moss tea to which a teaspoon of Swedish Bitters had been added in the morning and some in the evening, daily. How right I was, shown the first night, when he was able to sleep lying down. Swedish Bitters and Common Club Moss tea brought about a swift and good improvement, so that, 3 days later, he who had not stepped out of his house for years was able to walk around his little garden twice during the day. Slowly he is recovering. A WOUND which would not heal after an operation, closed overnight, after the patient had taken a large sip of the bottle of Swedish Bitters. This single sip caused the wound to close which had been open for three years and had to be dressed several times a day.


A lady from Burgenland, Austria, told me that her 23 year niece had an AUDITORY DEFECT since birth. She was told that an operation in her case would be without success. This lady then asked her niece to try Swedish Bitters. They were very surprised when, 14 days later, the niece was able to hear normally.


My dear readers, I do not want to withhold a letter from Granz, Syria: “By chance or maybe Providence, I had a talk with a 74 year old man in the bus. This man got back his hearing which he had lost during the war, when receiving HEAD AND BRAIN INJURIES. Only 3 times had he put a piece of cotton wool moistened with Swedish Bitters in his ears.” (Letters provide the proof of such accounts.)


A gentleman from Bavaria reports: “Through an accident I INJURED MY RIGHT ARM. Swedish Bitters soon alleviated the terrible pain.


After almost 10 years of DEAFNESS in one ear, I was able to hear the ticking of the alarm clock again. Only once did I put Swedish Bitters into my ear”. – How many DEAF people could be helped this way! Even if only a single one could get back his hearing.


After a talk I gave, I learned from a listener that, for 2 years, she suffered from a WEAK ANUS MUSCLE. The doctor said it was irreparable. Swedish Bitters, together with Shepard’s Purse, finely cut, macerated in rye whiskey or vodka are kept in place for 10 days, heals muscular atrophy and serious muscular disorders; four cups of Lady’s Mantle tea and six sips of Calamus root tea a day remedied it. In a telephone call from Vienna I heard a female voice say: “THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SWEDISH BITTERS.”


When 12 years old, during a school hike in the mountains, this woman was inadvertently hit in the face by the girl in front of her with her climbing boot. Hence, for 40 years, off and on, she suffered from a FESTERING JAW and had undergone 16 operations and several punctures. She had to break off her studies, was unable to take the profession she wanted and plagued by continuous pain, she looked after a household. When 52 years old she read about Swedish Bitters, applied it as a compress on the jaw area and was freed from all pain.

Again and again I receive inquiries, if Swedish Bitters can be used, when ALCOHOL IS PROHIBITED. According to credible laboratory tests, the HERBS DROWN THE ALCOHOL AND ARE CONSIDERED AS MEDICINE. Therefore they can be taken without detriment. In such a case, first of all commence with 1 teaspoon a day and a compress should be applied to the area of the kidney and liver (see “directions” at the end of this chapter).

“OLD MANUSCRIPT” Transcript of the Swedish Bitters’ curative power


  1. If they are frequently breathed in or sniffed, the base of the skull is moistened or a moistened cloth applied to the head, they dispel PAIN AND DIZZINESS and strengthen the brain and MEMORY.
  2. They help dim eyes and take away redness and all pain, even if the EYES ARE INFLAMED. They rid them of SPOTS AND CATARACTS, in the corners are moistened in time or a moistened piece of cloth is applied to the closed lids.
  3. PUSTULAS AND ECZEMA of all kinds, as SCABS in the nose or elsewhere on the body, are healed if they are often and well moistened.
  4. For TOOTHACHE a tablespoon of these drops is taken with a little water and kept in the mouth for a little while or the aching tooth is moistened. The pain soon eases and the putrefaction disappears.
  5. BLISTERS ON THE TONGUE or other infirmities of the tongue are frequently moistened with drops and healing soon occurs.
  6. If the THROAT IS HOT OR INFLAMED, so that food is only SWALLOWED WITH DIFFICULTY, these drops are swallowed slowly, morning, noon and evening and they take away the heat and heal the throat.
  7. For STOMACH CRAMPS, 1 tablespoonful is taken.
  8. For COLIC, 3 tablespoons are taken slowly, one after the other and relief will soon be felt.
  9. The rid the body of WIND (GAS) and cool the liver, eliminate all troubles of the intestines and stomach and help CONSTIPATION.
  10. An excellent remedy for STOMACH DISORDERS, if the DIGESTION is faulty or food cannot be kept down.
  11. They are beneficial for PAIN IN THE GALL BLADDER. 1 tablespoonful daily in the morning and evening and at night compresses and soon all pain will disappear.
  12. For DROPSY, 1 tablespoon in white wine is taken in the morning and evening for 6 weeks.
  13. For PAIN AND BUZZING IN THE EAR a piece of cotton wool is moistened and put into the ear. It is very beneficial and brings back LOST HEARING.
  14. For MORNING SICKNESS, 1 tablespoon of the drops in red wine is given in the morning for 3 days, half an hour later a walk is taken. Then breakfast with no milk. These drops should not be taken after drinking milk.
  15. In the last 14 days of PREGNANCY if 1 tablespoon of the drops is taken mornings and evenings, it PROMOTES THE BIRTH. For easy EXPELLING OF THE AFTERBIRTH, a coffee spoonful is given every 2 hours, until the afterbirth is expelled without pain.
  16. If, after a birth when the MILD DRIES UP, inflammation develops, it quickly subsides if a moistened piece of cloth is applied.
  17. They Expel WORMS, even TAPEWORMS, in children and adults, the amount taken by children being according to age. A piece of cloth moistened with drops is applied to the navel and kept moist.
  18. They rid children of PUSTULAS. The children are given these drops according to age diluted with water. If the pustule start to dry up, they are moistened frequently with these drops and no scars will develop.
  19. For JAUNDICE very soon all complaints disappear, if 1 tablespoon of these drops is taken 3 times daily and compresses are applied to the SWOLLEN LIVER.
  20. They open all HEMORRHOIDS, and heal KIDNEYS, rid the body of all unnecessary liquids without further treatment, taking away MELANCHOLY AND DEPRESSION and improve appetite and digestion.
  21. HEMORRHOIDS are reduced, if, in the beginning, they are moistened frequently and if the drops are taken internally, especially before going to bed, they soften the hemorrhoids.
  22. If someone has FAINTED, open his mouth if required, give him 1 tablespoon of the drops and he will come to.
  23. This remedy rids you of the pain of SPASM (cramps) so that it will cease in time.
  24. For CONSUMPTION take them daily in the morning or on empty stomach and continue the treatment for 6 weeks.
  25. If the MENSTRUAL FLOW CEASES for a woman or is too heavy, she takes these drops 3 days and repeats it 20 times. They will, what is too much, quiet and, what is too little, even out.
  26. This remedy also helps to cure “WHITES” (white vaginal discharge.)
  27. If someone is afflicted with EPILEPSY, he has to be given these drops on the spot and he should then take this remedy exclusively, since it strengthens the affected nerves as well as body and rids it of all sickness.
  28. They heal LAMENESS and rid you of DIZZINESS AND INDISPOSITION.
  29. They heal also hot PUSTULAS AND ERYSIPELAS.
  30. If someone has FEVER, be it hot or cold, and is very weak, he is given 1 tablespoon of the drops and the patient, if he is not overloaded with other medications, will in a short time come to, the pulse will start to beat again and the fever, no matter how high it was, will pass and the patient will soon be better.
  31. The drops also heal CANCER, OLD POCK MARKS, WARTS AND CHAPPED HANDS. If the wound is OLD OR FESTERING OR PROUND FLESH hasdeveloped, everything is washed well with white wine and a piece of clothmoistened with the drops is laid upon it.
  32. They heal, without danger, all WOUNDS, A piece of cloth is taken, moistenedwith the drops and the wounds covered therewith. They take away the pain in ashort time, permit BLEMISH OR PUTREFICATION and heal also old woundswhich were caused by a SHOT. If there are holes, the drops are sprinkled into thewound which need not necessarily be cleaned beforehand. Through repeatedapplying of the moistened cloth healing occurs in a short time.
  33. They take away SCARS, even if very old, WOUNDS AND CUTS, if moistenedup to 40 times with them. All the wounds heal and leave no scars.
  34. They heal all FISTULAS, even if they seem incurable, be they as old as may be.
  35. They heal all BURNS AND SCALDS, be they caused by fire, hot water or fat, ifthe injuries are moistened frequently. No blisters form, the heat is taken out andeven festering blisters are healed.
  36. They serve against SWELLING AND BRUISES, be they caused by a blow or afall.
  37. If someone cannot eat with APPETITE, they bring back the lost taste.
  38. In ANEMIA they bring back the lost color, if taken for a period in the mornings.They cleanse the blood and form new blood and promote circulation.
  39. RHEUMATIC PAINS in the limbs are eased if the drops are taken morning andevening and a moistened cloth is applied to the aching parts.
  40. They heal FROST BITTEN HANDS AND FEET, even if there are open parts, ifa moistened cloth is applied as often as possible, but especially at night.
  41. For CORNS, a cotton ball, moistened with the drops, is applied and kept moist.After 3 days the corns fall out or can be removed painlessly.
  42. They heal too BITES of mad dogs and other animals, if taken internally since theyheal and destroy all poison. A moistened cloth is laid upon the wounds.
  43. For PLAGUE and other INFECTIOUS DISEASES it is well to take themrepeatedly since they heal PLAGUE BOILS AND SWELLINGS, even if alreadyin the throat.
  44. He who cannot sleep at night takes these drops before going to bed. For nervousSLEEPNESSNESS a piece of cloth moistened with diluted drops is laid upon theheart.
  45. A DRUNK can be sobered on the spot with 2 tablespoonful.
  46. He who takes these drops mornings or evenings daily needs no furthermedication, since they strengthen the body, tone up the nerves and the blood, takeaway the TREMBLING OF HANDS AND FEET. In short, they take away allillnesses. The body stays supple, the face young and beautiful.

IMPORTANT: All stated amounts of Swedish Bitters should be taken diluted with herb tea or water.

The wonderful healing power of this herb mixture is shown in the above text of the”old manuscript,” It can be said, and rightly so, that there is hardly any illness whereSwedish Bitters is not of benefit, or at least is effective as a basis for every treatment.

(Excerpted from the writings of Maria Treben, Master Austrian Herbalist)

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