Maria Treben’s Authentic Handcrafted Swedish Bitters Soap


  • Swedish Bitters Soap – Maria Treben always exalted the benefits of the Swedish Bitters formula for all kinds of skin issues. It is especially good for sensitive skin, cleanses gently.
  • Ingredients: Sponified Vegetable, Olive, Coconut and Castor Oil with distilled water and Swedish Bitters herbal infusion
  • 3.75 oz

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Maria Treben’s Authentic Handcrafted Swedish Bitters Soap – Perfume free. Maintains the skin’s natural acidity. Use Maria Treben’s Authentic Handcrafted Swedish Bitters Soap for daily washing and showering. This soap is made using her original recipe. pH 5.5 alkaline free.

Maria Treben, Europe’s most famous and renowned herbalist, is credited with rediscovering this 500 year old recipe created by the Swiss Physician, Philippe Paracelsus, circa 1540. She used it extensively in her healing works and documented it thoroughly in her 8 million copy bestseller, “Health through God’s Pharmacy.” Swedish Bitters consists of 11 herbs, which are discussed at length in her book. Every German, Swiss and Austrian household is likely to have a bottle of Swedish Bitters in their cupboard.

Swedish Bitters is known as “the Long Life Elixir,” and rightly so. In the book, it describes the benefits of the recipe. We suggest you get the book for your ‘go to’ home health resource.


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