“Swedish Bitters” has had a couple of “fathers” – but only one “mother.” Austrian Herbalist Maria Treben has done more than any other human being to acquaint millions with the importance of these bitters in so many totally unexpected ways.

The series of amazing personal experiences with Swedish Bitters that makes up a large part of this book has been excerpted from her famous book, “Health Through God’s Pharmacy.”This author has endeavored to provide a contemporary perspective on theincreasing use this ancient remedy in the 21st Century.

This remarkable 11-Herb Formula has more than withstood the test of time.

In fact, Swedish Bitters takes on an even more important role in “our” time –given the disturbing trend away from simpler dietary practices that now have us eatingfoods that sacrifice sheer nutrition in exchange for more “pleasant” tasting products thatpurport to be “good” food.